Public Education

Public Education

Risk assessment is a tool used to create and implement public education programs. Tailored to the community, programs use data, best practice methods, and research as the platform for program development and delivery. Partnerships, time, and personnel are necessary components to provide consistent and relevant public safety programs. Lewis County Fire District #5 is committed to providing public safety education within the community, utilizing as many delivery methods and programs as possible in order to meet community needs and expectations. We appreciate our local partners who assist with staffing, safety products, and provide opportunity. 

Lewis County Fire District 5 personnel participate in the following:

·        Fire Prevention Week Activities

·        Southwest Washington Fair – Old Town Firehouse Booth staffing

·        Safety City

·        Distracted Driving Prevention

·        Fall Prevention

·        MVA Prevention

·        Drowning Prevention

Prevention education is a means and opportunity to improve lives in our community and assist with reduction of preventable accidents.

Public Information


Locating addresses in a rural community can be difficult for a number of reasons.  Poorly addressed private roads can cause a delay in response during an emergency.  Proper lighting and visible address signs can improve the ability of responders to locate the correct address in an emergency.  Please call our office and ask about address signs.  The Lewis County Fire District 5 Firefighter’s Association