About Lewis County Fire District 5

Chartered in 1955 by the people of Lewis County, Lewis County Fire District 5 is a public entity established under Title 52 of the Washington Revised Code (RCW) to provide fire protection in the area designated Lewis County Fire District 5. Owned and operated by the citizens that it serves, an elected Board of Commissioners oversees and directs the organization to meet the community’s medical and fire emergency response needs.

The Board of Commissioners appoints the Fire District Chief, who carries out the strategy set forth by the Board of Commissioners and is the ultimate authority in the chain of command. The Lieutenant or Captain will carry out the Fire Chief’s day-to-day operational objectives, make operational recommendations, and provide on-scene leadership and management. Line personnel of the Fire District works under the chain of command to ensure tasks are carried out as assigned.

Every day, there are two Firefighter/EMTs and at least one Firefighter/Paramedic on shift. In total, Lewis County Fire District 5 employs:

Ancillary positions include the Administrative Specialist, Fire Training Officer, and Medical Services Officer.