Budget & Finance

Lewis County Fire District 5 operates with revenue from property taxes and billing for services for ambulance transports and responses to motor vehicle accidents.  Because tax revenue, and billing for services, do not generate enough funds to fully cover operating expenses, FD5 gets additional revenue for their responses to wildland fires through Department of Natural Resources, Washington State Patrol and Washington Military Department, through the EMAC National Mutual Aid System. 

Every year, the Lewis County Assessor calculates the amount of property tax revenue the District receives based on the submission of the District’s budget and revenue resolutions.  The District can ask for an additional 1% in revenue, over the previous year, plus any amounts calculated for new construction at the assessed rate per $1000 or property value of your home.  For 2022, this rate is $ .58/per $1000.   The LC Assessor collects the taxpayer dollars every month and disseminate it back to the taxing districts within the county.  It takes a period of twelve months to collect the revenue budgeted for. 

Each month, at the regular meeting, the Board of Fire Commissioners review, and approve, all expenditures for goods, services, and payroll.  They monitor account balances closely and approve any expenditures that were not budgeted for when emergencies arise.

Every November, Budget requests are submitted to the Board of Fire Commissioners for operating revenue and expenses the following year. 

The public is encouraged to attend any Commissioner regular meeting or any of the Budget Workshops or Public Hearings which are part of the normal budget process.  We value the input of our constituents and want them to see that we are being fiscally responsible with their tax dollars.