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Wildland Response

State Mobilization

As found on the linked Washington State Patrol webpage, in 1991, a wildland fire in Spokane destroyed hundreds of residential structures and thousands of acres of forest. In the wake of that firestorm, the 1992 Washington State Legislature passed into law a bill directing the creation of the State Fire Service Mobilization Plan in RCW 43.43.961. This RCW names the Chief of the Washington State Patrol as the authority to authorize a state-declared mobilization. Under RCW 43.43.961, the Fire Service Resource Mobilization Plan is implemented to provide personnel, equipment, and other logistical resources from around the state when a wildland fire or other emergency exceeds the firefighting capacity of local jurisdictions. In accordance with this plan, the Washington State Patrol Fire Protection Bureau Office of the State Fire Marshal coordinates statewide fire service resources to support local firefighting efforts.

Lewis County Fire District 5 participates in this effort. Typically, crews are sent out each year to assist many areas of Western and/or Eastern Washington when state mobilizations occur. This provides valuable wildland firefighting experience for our crews when fighting local wildland fires as well as assisting areas around the state being actively impacted by wildfires. Depending on the areas effected, the District and members dispatched are compensated for their sevices.

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How Can I Help Protect My House from Wildland Fires?  

   As Suggested By DNR,

  • Prepare around your home. If your home is built in or near the forest, follow these steps to protect your home from wildfire. When developing your home landscaping, try planting fire-resistant plants to help reduce your risk from wildfire.
  • Unite with your neighbors – start a Firewise Communities/USA® Recognition site.
  • Know the outdoor burning rules. DNR regulates outdoor burning on all forestlands where we provide wildfire protection. Don’t burn outdoors until you know the rules.


Incident Management Teams

Wildland Firefighter Certifications