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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Lewis County Fire District 5 provides ALS (paramedic) and BLS (EMT) emergency medical services (EMS) to the District. In 2014, the agency entered into a contract with American Medical Response (AMR) to provide a fulltime paramedic housed out of Station 5-1 in Napavine. This is an ongoing contract requiring annual renewal. During times that two or more requests for paramedic services are made during a call in progress, additional paramedics from Chehalis, Centralia, or South County Medic One are requested to assist. The District owns a total of two ambulances, one stationed in Napavine at Station 5-1, and one is stationed on Jackson Highway at Station 5-2. Trained volunteers augment the on duty crew when necessary to provide adequate staffing levels during multiple calls or when a response requires additional resources. If necessary, mutual aid is requested from surrounding districts, departments, and/or private ambulance services to help ensure that adequate staffing levels are met during all circumstances.


121 calls were coded at LC 911 as sickness, 112 calls were coded breathing problem, with 89 Falls and 93 MVA calls.