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How the Fire District is Operated

Chartered in 1955 by the people of Lewis County, Lewis County Fire District #5 is a public entity established under Title 52 of Washington Revised Code (RCW) to provide fire protection in the area designated Lewis County Fire District 5. Owned and operated by the citizens that it serves, an elected Board of Commissioners oversees and directs the organization to best meet the medical and fire emergency response needs of the community.

To achieve this goal, the Chief of the District is appointed by and works at the direction of the Board of Commissioners. The Chief of the District carries out the strategy set forth by the Board of Commissioners and is the ultimate authority in the chain of command, a system of authority that governs the heirarchy of subordinate members. The Captain position carries out day-to-day operational objectives set forth by the Chief, makes operational recommendations, and provides on-scene leadership and management. General members of the District work under the chain of command to ensure tasks as assigned are carried out. In addition to administrative duties, all officer positions are response personnel. The following leadership graphic details current organization composition: 


Ancillary positions include the Secretary of the District, the Public Information Officer (PIO), the Training Officer, and Safety Officer.

Feedback and input is appreciated in providing the service this community   expects.  Public is encouraged to attend and participate in Board Meetings. 

Board of Commissioners Meetings:
Where: 115 E. WA St, Napavine
When: Third Wednesday of each month, 7:00 PM