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Rescue 5-1

Defined by NFPA 1901, a rescue engine is a pumper that is has a rescue style body and will carry rescue equipment such as jaws, rappelling gear, extra air bottles, air bags, stokes basket, EMS supplies as well as the typical firefighting equipment. These typically have a body with full height/full depth compartments on both sides, and will have a ladder rack or ladder mounted through the tank instead of the pumpers traditional half height compartment/ladder setup. Typically, these will carry minimum water (500-750 gallons) so that compartment space can be maximized.

  Rescue 5-1 is a 2001 Freightliner FL-80 with a 1,000 gallon water tank and inducted foam system. This apparatus is equiped with the following equipment:

  • Rescue struts

  • Extrication equipment (jaws, spreaders, ram)

  • Rescue rope

  • Life Jackets

  • Backboards