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Employment Information

Lewis County Fire District 5 is a combination fire district. This means that career and volunteer staff work as a team to complete station duties, conduct training evolutions, and during operations on emergency scenes. Whether career or volunteer, all response employees are required to meet or exceed standards for the job. To ensure this requirement is met, training is essential. Among other skill building activities, all new firefighters will be expected to attend two primary courses after selection: IFSAC FF1 Firefighter Recruit Academy and a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) class. Successful completion of these courses builds personal and professional skills that will help ensure success in the fire service. These courses offer opportunity to achieve Firefighter 1 certification and EMT certifications and to begin performing those tasks on emergency scenes. Once certification classes have been completed, additional tasks, responsibilities, and training opportunities will occur as individuals progress through volunteer or paid career service. To achieve these goals, a combination of mandatory and routine training are offered, available, and expected to support continued success and growth in the fire service.


Lewis County Fire District 5 volunteers takes part in Washington State mobilization requests for wildland firefighters during large state fires. When these requests are made, trained wildland firefighters may be requested for deployment if available to assist. Firefighters are compensated for their time during these mobilizations that may last anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks.

Career & Temporary Employment

Lewis County Fire Protection District 5 has a dedicated Training Officer and a Medical Service Officer.  Ensuring proper training occurs for staff is crucial in providing the best service possible within the community.  Recruit volunteers must complete a minimum Firefighter 1 course.   Emergency Medical Technicians must successfully complete a college course requiring over 160 student hours and pass the national registry test to obtain certification. Each year, both disciplines require on-going and updated training.  Regular training evolutions are scheduled along with opportunity for additional training weekly. Additional specialized training often occurs additional nights and weekends.  Many District 5 Firefighters also maintain Wildland Firefighting certification, allowing for deployment throughout the Northwest during wildfire season.

Training & Certification